The Summit Insurance Team

Welcome to Summit Insurance Brokers Inc. We are an all lines insurance broker working throughout British Columbia, Canada, and beyond.

Our team has experience in all areas of industrial, commercial, farm and personalized risks. For information on how Summit Insurance can help you and your business, please contact us today.

Commercial Team:

Al Delwo - al(at)summitins(dot)ca
Hugh Delwo - hugh(at)summitins(dot)ca
Nevin Paxton - nevin(at)summitins(dot)ca
Yolanda Peters - yolanda(at)summitins(dot)ca
Colette Desautels - colette(at)summitins(dot)ca
Justine Talarico - justine(at)summitins(dot)ca

Personal Lines Team:

Dana-Lee Anderson - dana-lee(at)summitins(dot)ca
Amanda Dittus - amanda(at)summitins(dot)ca
Naomi Tennant - naomi(at)summitins(dot)ca
Stephanie Gunther - stephanie(at)summitins(dot)ca

All ICBC Fleet Requests - fleets(at)summitins(dot)ca