Selecting an Insurance Broker

Selecting a broker is not as simple as just obtaining a cost or price...

Transferring risks of financial loss to an insurance company through legally binding indemnification agreements (insurance policies) is, at best, a difficult challenge. It is difficult because most agreements are hard to read in the context they are written in and the variety of the indemnification agreements available to most are many, each offering different coverages.

While price is important on everything we need, price alone is likely not the best method of being able to decide on the type of indemnity agreement (insurance policy) you need or ought to think about.

In addition, the length of time and experience required for someone to develop a “quote” on insurance is quite small.

When searching for a Broker, ask questions on the coverage you will be getting, the options you have available on the different types of policies available for you to purchase and ask questions on what restrictions are in that policy. Also ask for examples of the “property excluded” and types of accidents that are “excluded" from coverage because insurance policies do not cover every situation one can think of.

Following the above will allow you to assess the capabilities of the Broker and better allow you to make your decision on the Broker you want.