Oil & Gas Insurance

The oil and gas industries have many different phases of operations from geophysical/geological operations to drilling and exploration functions, well site and access road construction operations, pipeline construction, facilities construction and maintenance, various fluid requirements, instrumentation needs, safety requirements, refining and a variety of other support industries.

While each of the component industries performing operations in the energy industry has their own set of specific exposures to accidental loss or damage to their own property and equipment as well as their potential legal liability to others for accidental loss or damage to their property and accidental injury to others physical being.

It is crucial for the individuals and business owners conducting operations in the energy industry to accurately and prudently review the exposures to financial loss they face as a result of their specific operations, have an experienced, professional insurance broker meet with them to design the appropriate coverage to transfer those risks of loss to an insurance company to avoid catastrophic financial loss and possibly even bankruptcy that could flow from their operations.

Summit offers a complete risk and exposure assessment for all businesses that is designed to identify the potential exposures to financial loss faced by individuals and businesses operating in the energy industry, assists in designing the appropriate risk transfer and insurance program and negotiates terms and costs on behalf of the individual or business.