Maunfacturing & Fabricating Insurance

Manufacturing and fabricating businesses generally have their own unique risks and exposures to accidental loss.

The exposures range from loss or damage to the plant buildings, exposures to loss or damage to production equipment operating in the plant, exposures to loss of manufacturing time owing to insured loss/damage to the building or production equipment and potential loss of sales/sales ability as a result of not being able to manufacture and sell their products.

The loss of sales/sales ability where a manufacturer is unable to manufacture and sell their products owing to an insured loss to the plant or equipment is a business interruption loss. On occasion there exists exposure to more than simply a loss of sales but can also involve a loss of a customer to a competitor.

Manufacture’s and fabrication businesses are able to secure business interruption insurance under a number of different business interruption insurance contracts and where the re-construction of a complete plant and equipment would take in excess of 12 months to restore, businesses can obtain business interruption coverage for periods of greater than 12 months.

These businesses would also have need to arrange for insurance covering their "legal liability" to ensure they have an indemnity agreement to reimburse them for accidental damage to property of others as well as accidental injury to others in the event their premises accidentally causes such an accident or whether their product accidentally causes such an accident.