Make a Claim

When an accident happens, the insurance company has a duty to investigate the loss and attend to placing the business or individual into as near the “same financial position” they were in before the accidental loss took place. It is important to always keep in mind that the “insurance policy” is in fact a written agreement setting out all conditions, provisions, coverages and amounts the insurance company will pay in a “covered” accident that causes damage.

The insurance company will almost NEVER pay or reimburse where it is not obligated to do so under that policy/written agreement.

As a general rule, insurers appoint an adjuster to gather details of an accidental loss and report on accurate estimates of the loss or claim being advanced. You should hear from your adjuster within 48 hours of contacting us. When you do not hear within 48 hours it is very important you contact us again.

Most usually, the claims process goes well for the individual, the business and the insurer and a final settlement should be arrived at to the agreement of all concerned.

In the event there is dissatisfaction or there is a perception that the adjustment of the loss is off track or going too slowly, that is when you involve us, your broker, to assist you. That is part of our job.

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