Logging Insurance

Logging contractors have many exposures to accidental loss or damage they face every day.

All logging contractors have logging equipment working in the field. They also have a great deal of miscellaneous tools, equipment and supplies they need to have at hand in the field in order to maintain their equipment and ensure it is capable of working on a daily basis.

The risks of financial loss they face are the accidental loss or damage done to their equipment when the loss or damage is caused by a number of different situations. Accordingly, these contractors need to examine insurance coverage specific to accidental loss or damage to their equipment and they need to ensure that the coverage applies not only at their home location but also while in the field.

They also have exposures to financial loss as a result of their potential legal liability arising out of their operations causing accidental loss, damage or destruction to property of others regardless of whether it is damage to buildings, farm structures, standing timber, environmental pollution or accidentally caused fires or injury accidentally cause to other persons being.

Log Hauling contractors have exposures to financial loss that require particular attention owing to automobile insurance providers not being able to offer insurance coverage on all exposures faced by log hauling operators.