Industrial / Commercial Enterprises Insurance

All businesses regardless of whether they are of the industrial, manufacturing, commercial or mercantile nature have exposure to a potential legal liability to financial loss arising out of accidental bodily injury caused to outside individuals and accidental damage to property owned by outsiders.

The exposures to accidents causing such damage can flow from the negligent operations of the business and/or the products and services that are sold/distributed to outsiders in instances where a form of negligence can be established.

When an accident takes place that has accidentally caused injury to the physical well being of an outsider or damage to someone else’s property, the outside individual affected by the accident has available certain remedies available at law that may provide for financial compensation for his/her loss.

The Commercial General Liability insurance policy transfers the risk of financial loss to an insurer where an insured accident has taken place and a judgment has been handed down by a Court of Law against the party who caused the accident. In addition to paying any judgment handed down by the court, the policy also extends to reimburse the costs to legally defend the legal action brought against the business.

Ensuring the correct and accurate Commercial General Liability insurance policy is in place covering all potential exposures to financial loss faced by business is crucial to ensure safe and financially secure business operations can be continued.

Without this coverage, business and industry could face extreme financial loss that could not only impede the business's desire to maintain normal operations but could be of a nature that could cause bankruptcy.