Aviation Insurance

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Aircraft insurance is available to individuals and businesses who own aircraft. The coverages available can be selected for both business use as well as private pleasure use.

The insurance coverages that are available are for the “legal liability” of the aircraft owner for accidentally damaging property that belongs to individual owners as well as accidental injury cause to outside personal individuals and can include legal liability for accidental injury caused to any passengers.

There is also available insurance on the aircraft hull itself. The hull insurance can be arranged for those who want the hull to be insured while on the ground only or it can be acquired for those aircraft owners who want to insure the hull for both flight and ground risks of accidental loss.

The cost of insurance varies owing to the various underwriting and rating applications used by aviation insurer’s. Aviation insurers will take into account the year, make, model and value of the aircraft as well as the pilot’s level of experience, total hours of aircraft operation and the total hours experience on the type of aircraft being insured.